Ohio Historical Inventory for Preble County
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Below is a listing of all the Townships in Preble County. Below each Township name is a listing of the villages and / or streets that appear in the Ohio Historical Inventory for Preble County.

Washington Twp.
City of Eaton

W. Main St.
E. Main St.
Beech St.
Franklin St.
N. Barron St.
S. Barron St.
Wadsworth St.
Cherry St.
Somers St.
Israel St.
McCabe St.
High St.
Decatur St.
Maple St.
Miscellaneous (Eaton)
Water St.
St. Rt. 122
St. Clair St.
Hubble St.
Mechanic St.
Park Ave.
Lexington St.

Gasper Twp.

Somers Twp.
Central Ave.
Second St.
Hendricks St.
S. Main St.
N. Main St.
Lafayette St.

Monroe Twp.
West Manchester

Israel Twp.
Morning Sun
College Corner

Harrison Twp.
W. Sonora
N. Commerce St.
S. Commerce St.
Western Rd.
St. Rt. 40
S. Main St.
N. Main St.
E. Dayton St.
W. Dayton St.

Twin Twp.
New Lexington

Lanier Twp.
West Alexandria
N. Main St.
S. Main St.
W. Dayton St.
E. Dayton St.
E. South St.
E.. Second St.
W. Second St.

Gratis Twp.
West Elkton

Dixon Twp.

The Ohio Historical Inventory Project of Preble County was conducted in 1977 and in 1985. The purpose of the survey was to identify, locate and assess on a county-wide level, the range of historic resources and to document these resources according to a minimum established standard.

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